A Working Capsule Wardrobe:

What is a capsule wardrobe? It is one which is made up of a few carefully considered pieces which can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks.

It is roughly made up of:

Blazer,invaluable for meetings, the blazer could be part of a suit.
2 pairs of trousers- possibly one plain one patterned.
a skirt
a dress
4-6 x tops plain and patterned.
1 or 2 cardies, great for colour as well as warmth.
A variety of jewellery which will really help to add variety and colour.
2 pairs of shoes, possibly something bright and 1 more neutral
a belt and a bag

You can then mix and match these items to create at least 12 different looks, you can then add to your wardrobe each season with items which will bring your look in line with the seasons trends.

Patterns will limit your mix and match ability unless you are happy to wear pattern on pattern.

In summer you neutrals will be lighter compared to the autumn/ winter when they will be deeper and darker.

Try to wear clothes at the office which reflect your style personality that way you will feel more comfortable and confident.

View my capsule wardrobe ideas on Pinterest by click here.


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