How to add length to your legs

Not all of us are blessed with beautiful long legs so here are some tips on how you can make the most of the pins you have and what to avoid:

We all know heals add length but try to avoid ankle straps as they shorten your leg as it looks as though your leg stops where the strap is.

Long trousers add length, cropped trousers may be trendy but will not make your legs look longer. Try to finish trouser or skirt hems on the narrowest straightest part of your leg.

Wear tights the same colour as your shoes and ideally as your skirt for maximum length. Vertical stripes on a skirt add length rather than horizontal. Dropped waist dresses or skirts will make your body look longer and your legs look shorter.

High waisted trousers will add length and if you are wearing a belt try to wear the same colour as your trousers.

Go for a short jacket as opposed to a long one.

For those sunny days fake tan will also help to make your legs look slimmer.

If you follow these rules you will give the illusion of having amazing legs.




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