Did I succeed? Did you?

Well I managed to fill a large bag, let’s see if I miss any of it, probably not!

It did feel rather overwhelming, I hadn’t realised how attached I had become to some of the clothes, to the memories of when I last wore them. It doesn’t help knowing how much money I spent either.

Some of the funkier stuff from my student days are still there taking up space, I was thinking my daughter might like them! Is that ridiculous? That means they will be hanging about for another 10 years.

One of the questions to ask yourself when detoxing is “does it represent me? Is this the image I want to portray?”

I think this is why I have trouble getting rid of the funkier vintage clothes, they represent me mainly in the past. I can carry them off on a night out but day to day they are sadly just not practical.

When you make a purchase or decide whether to keep an item you must have a clear idea of when and where you will wear it. 

It needs to be the right image for now not 5 years ago.