My new years resolution:

I don’t know about you but I am am a natural hoader. I keep things thinking they will be useful later, usually it requires me altering them which I rarely do.

I love vintage clothes.

Finally I often end up with clothes after a shoot, consequently I have a house bulging with stuff.

So my new years reso is to take a load of stuff to the charity shop.

It is time for me to aim for “wardrobe clarity”!

The books tell me it should be a process similar to that of getting rid of any emotional baggage.

My plan:

Is to take any thing I have never worn, I should be able to tell as it will still have the labels on it, and put them into a bag along with;

things I have not worn for a year

things I feel uncomfortable in

things that don’t fit…

I may ask myself if I might use them for a shoot, if not they will all go into a bag, if I don’t miss them after 1 month I SHALL be getting rid of them.

Starting now!

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