Plus size beauties

I am currently researching an outfit for a client with a larger than life personality with a gorgeous full figure to match.

I have been looking into the frustrating world of what is termed ‘plus size’ clothing (any size over a 16).

I am so used to walking into a store, browsing and buying. Fairly often the clothes are too long for me as I’m a shortie but I can cope with that.

I have been amazed how many stores do not stock clothes over a size 16 and those that do have a limited collection. Imagine if you are both bigger than average and taller….. where on earth do you shop other than Long Tall Sally which really is not very exciting? Manufacturers don’t seem to realise that someone can be both big and tall or is it that an extra few inches costs them extra?

I have been forced to turn to the internet to fulfill my brief. Internet shopping can be amazing but it takes an age to trawl through websites and then there is all the guess work involved. Is the colour right? What fabric is the item made of? What will it be like in real life? It is also frustrating seeing the clothes modeled by stick thin ladies leaving the shopper wondering how the clothes relate to them.

Initially I was surprised how tacky many of the plus size clothing sites seemed to be. After much searching I have tracked down some more interesting websites, as you might expect many of them are from America however postage/ returns do seem to be getting easier.

Here are a few of my favourite websites:

Navabi has a slightly hippy vibe but some interesting designs:

Some good work dresses at Talbots:

For those with an extrovert fashion sense:

For those that like the vintage vibe:

For the fashion conscious:

A few items which have caught my eye: