Tips on how to dress post baby:

It is a tricky time; you have had your baby, you are tired and your shape is constantly changing. Perhaps you going back to work soon and have to squeeze yourself into clothes which need to look like you mean business.

Post birth we all have a slightly larger muffin top and a bit of a Mum tum. Whilst this is normal and it will go, we all need a few tricks up our sleeves in order to minimise the Mummy tummy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 14.17.06Firstly start with the underwear, body forming underwear will really help to suck you in.

The rouche, pleat, knot and tuck are your friends. They are there to disguise what’s underneath and to draw your eye across or down away from the offending area.

Handkerchief or asymmetric hemlines help to distract the eye away from the tummy and hip area. Try to avoid hem lines finishing on the widest part.

Random prints around the problem area can really help. Large statement jewellery or scarves help to draw the eye up towards your face and away from your middle.Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 14.16.16

Body con dresses with piping and stitching in a contrast colour are great as they lead the eye towards the piping running up and down the body.

Layers are really helpful you could try a longish camisole, another t-shirt or jumper followed by a jacket or cardy over the top. Mint Velvet have loads of great tops along these lines. Layering looks great, it can really make an outfit hang together and look interesting. Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 14.18.08

Use colour to your advantage, black does not necessarily make you look slimmer, if it is not one of your colours it will just make you look even more tired than you already are. Wearing all one colour will help to make you look taller.

For this reason Maxi dresses can be sliming but avoid the Empire line as this can actually enhance your tummy.

A 50’s dress can be flattering as your tummy is hidden under the skirt whilst the top of the dress is fitted. Hobbs have some great retro 50’s dresses with a wrap around belt to give you a great shape.Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 14.17.16

Lastly avoid low rise, nothing enhances the muffin top like a low slung pair of trousers so make the most of the current trend for high waists, Mom jeans or even a high waisted culottes or a pencil skirt with a belt and a blousey top tucked in. I know this sounds scary but it gives you a waist even if you don’t really have one.

I hope these ideas have helped. Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.

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