How to dress with a big bust:

If you are lucky enough to have more than a handful trying to find clothes which fit women with a large bust can be a bit of a trial. Staying on trend whilst finding clothes which fit nicely over your chest as well over the hips and tummy area can be a bit of a nightmare.

Here are a few tips which I hope will help:

Firstly it is all about the underwear, getting a properly fitting bra cannot be over estimated.

The wrap dress or top will be a trusted friend. The wrap will enhance your boobs, give them definition and will lead the eye away and down.

Polo necks, round high necklines or tight tops should be avoided or any top which gives the appearance of the “monoboob”. The most flattering shapes are V and scoop necks. Leaving an expanse of skin between neck and your top can help them to look smaller. A shortish necklace can help draw the eye towards the face however a long necklace can sit awkwardly.

At all costs avoid short sleeves or cap sleeves which end in-line with you boobs as this leads the eye across ways and makes the chest area look larger still.

Think about proportions; wearing tops with larger straps, will be more in proportion to your size than spaghetti straps.

Enhance your waist with fitted waisted dresses avoid boxy and straight shapes which will swamp you and make you look larger. Double breasted jackets will add bulk to your frame where it is not needed so smaller lapels or no lapels will be more flattering.

Use colour to help you; darker colours make things look smaller so wear a lighter colour on your bottom half to bring your body back into proportion.

Lastly if you have to buy clothes a size up to fit your bust get them tailored so they fit your hips too. Dry cleaners often do a good alteration service.

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