Trends to look out for this Spring Summer 2016

Now that Spring is nearly here no doubt you will be wanting to know what to wear this season. I thought I would make a list and then go into detail over the next few weeks:

So the skinny Jegging jean is out. Wider legged jeans, flares and looser fitting jeans are now in along with paperbag waisted trousers and culottes.

The athleisure look will be big. This is essentially good looking gym clothes, comfortable fabrics and glamorous pyjamas not to be worn on the school run, obviously!!

Spanish ruffles and shoulders will be on view so start exfoliating now!

The New Romantic/ Victoriana look is still big.

Floral flower power, mix it up in one outfit.

Pleats and bold stripes.

The bell sleeved blouse, the bigger the bell the better.

The skinny scarf wrapped around your neck- only once, mind.

The vintage geek chic look, don’t forget the statement glasses.

Maxi dresses with sleeves.

The headscarf the wilder and more flamboyant the better.

Bomber jackets.

Granny heals.

For more images see my Pinterest page below.


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.11.42

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