Your Colours for Autumn Winter 2016

Pantone’s colours for Autumn/ Winter 2016 are now out. Here they are :

Let this be the season to try new colours within your range.

Pantone says “The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism have inspired a Fall 2016 colour palate that is led by the blue family.”

Riverside blue is very soothing, it is a very universal colour, we will be seeing it everywhere.

Airy Blue gives a feeling of serenity, try this blue with orange, navy, yellow and pink.

Sharkskin grey will be the staple of any wardrobe this season.

Warm Taupe is another staple for this season, it is a colour to invest in.

Make an impact this Autumn with Aurora Red, red is a colour of power, strength and confidence.

Try mixing it with blue, yellow, pink and greys.

Lush meadow is a true green of lush meadows. This colour will make a statement at any event.

Dusty Cedar is a great colour for those who suit softer tones.

Spicy Mustard is an exciting and uplifting colour, it will bring happiness to those that are bold enough to wear it.

Potter’s Clay is a good neutral tone for those who suit a warm palate.

Bodacious is a strong and powerful pink.

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